Robotics Club Of BRAC University

Robotics is an intersection of science, engineering and technology which involves designing intelligent machines to assist humans for accomplishing wide ranges of tasks. It is a very important field of study and research in today's world to attain goals which go beyond the horizon of human knowledge. Therefore, it is imperative that human beings, especially students, are well acquainted with the basics and the manifold importance of robotics.

Keeping the unbound importance of robotics knowledge in mind, BRAC University established the Robotics Club of BRAC University, ROBU in September 2012. The club functions with the vision “Achieve your imagination through your robot”. It thrives to train robotics enthusiasts and look out for extraordinary talents in the field of robotics to prepare them as assets for the university and the country.

International Competition (NASA)

  • Chondrobot 1
  • Chondrobot 2 ( 12th at Lunabotics Mining Competition )
  • Mars Rover

National Competition

  • 2nd at Tech Fiesta 2012
  • 1st at Hackathon 2012
  • Digital world 2012
  • 3rd at National Robotics Festival 2013
  • 2nd at IRC 2013
  • 1st at CUET Robo Fight 2014ss
  • 1st at Water hackathon 2014
  • 4th in RUET Line follower 2014
  • Digital world 2012
  • 3rd at National Robotics Festival 2013
  • 1st at Make a Thon 2014
  • 1st at Digital World 2015
  • 1st at Water hackathon 2015
  • 1st at IEB 2015
  • 1st at ESAB IRC 2015


  • Shadow function Robot
  • Electronic Voting Machine
  • Intelligent military vehicle
  • Lego Minds Strom
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Android controlling Robot
  • Sesto Elemento – fighting Robot
  • R-Spy
  • Flying RC Plane
  • Intelligent quad copter
  • Brail Reading
  • Embedded Door Security System
  • Advanced Traffic Monitoring and Controlling System
  • Maze Solver Robot
  • Rescue Bot
  • Wall-E

Program Arranged

  • Pathfinder-1,2,3,4,5
  • ROBU Fest-2016

Research and collaboration

  • BRACU & KYUTECH, Japan
  • First ever UNISEC Global achievement in Bangladesh